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Rote Island is the furthest southern point of Indonesia, with beautiful unspoilt beaches combining amazing surfbreaks (onshore and offshore), pockets of lush tropical rainforests, savannah’s and rolling hills ending in sheer cliff. A tropical paradise that has been kept untouched and unspoiled from tourism for so long. You now have the chance to experience this Indo-dream. For confident surfers.

Nembrala beach located in Rote Island, Province of East Nusa Tenggara. 15 minutes journey from Kupang City(Timor Island) by plane and 45 minutes by ship. after to Ba’A town, you’d go through journey during 1,5 hours to hotels or lodging in Nembrala village. And you’d be served with view of beach with thousands coconut tree marching alongside beach which will not fall into oblivion.

Many of Indonesian population is not familiar with this coast well. But the surfers of the world already familiar to thir ears. Most visitor in this beach is visitor from outside country which fond of to fiddle around with current height waving beach. The most beautiful and tidy beachthat offers natural panorama and faschinating sunset. Nembrala beach is one of the very few beaches ideal for surfing surfers from all over the world as Hawaii, Australia, south and North America come here and try to tame the rough surf from june-october.
Nembrala beach well enough of eye with its blue sea water and added with long white sands. So that visitors forbear staying here to enjoying surving in this beach. In Around Nembrala beach, there are some lodging choice, start from hotel till homestay at the cheap price.
Nembrala is very beautiful but beautiful panorama only not in Nembrala, but there also in Ba’a, Batu Termanu,Oeseli beach, Bo’a beach, and many other beautiful beach in this Islands, either in south and also in north.
Progressively easterly, coastal glamor progressively lure. its Name Bo’a, Place of international survers confronting them bravery. Though medium rather limited, But nembrala beach competent enthused by visitors, including you precisely.
Nembrala Beach is the best base area, with T-LAND “claiming to be the best LEFT-hand wave in Indonesia ” located directly out the front. This can be surfed on all tides. With rides 200metres long. It is less crowed than G-land and longer. Another 10 great surf breaks ranging from peaky rights to barrelling lefts. Also fishing and snorkelling is available (but please bring your own snorkelling gear).
Nembrala Beach has an international scale waves, so no wonder that many foreign tourists who visit it. The beach atmosphere Nembrala still far from the hustle so most of the visitors more love to play with the high waves at this beach.

To reach this island you have to do a flight from Bali to Kupang (El Tari airport). Arriving at Kupang in advance you can stay in this city or if you wish to travel directly towards the island of Rote can be continued by car to Port Tenau approximately 30 minutes.There are two methods you can do crossing from Port Tenau to Rote Island is by ferry boat to the Pantai Baru (Harbor on the island of Rote) where the journey is approximately 3-4 hours or by using a fast boat to the Ba’a city with travel time approximately 40-60 minutes.

If you are traveling towards the Pantai Baru, then you must continue the journey by car to Ba’a followed by a trip to Nembara approximately 1.5 hour

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